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We sell the same original contact lenses that you buy at your doctor’s office at an affordable price

We can contact your eye doctor for prescription verification and type of contact lenses that you usually wear.This site is not intended for first time contact lens wearer. You acknowledge that the lenses you buy on this website was already fitted by your optometrist or your ophtalmologist. You understand that Vision Optimum will not be held responsible for any damage to your eyes, when you don’t follow your doctor’s recommendation. If you experience any pain, infection, swelling, discharge, tearing, it is important to stop wearing your contact lenses and consult your optometrist or ophtalmologist. With the processing and release of your order using the lens measurements that you input at the time of the placement of your online order, you acknowledge you have the correct parameters given by your eye doctor. Having read the preceding, you warrant that you shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of the measurements that you input online and that Vision optimum shall not be liable for any errors made by you while reading or entering in your prescription online or transmitting it by phone to our customer service personnel. Alternatively, faxing or emailing your prescription to us will ensure the immediate processing of your order as verification will have been completed upon the receipt of your valid contact lens prescription. We prefer that you send us your prescription to ensure the accuracy of your order, that it matches your needs, the shape of your eyes and to avoid errors.

If you are not a resident of  Canada and are placing an order on the site you hereby certify that you are in possession of a valid contact lens prescription, issued by a licensed eye doctor located in your home country/province/territory, which bears the same exact brand (or the private label equivalent) and measurements as those that you input at the time of the placement of your online order. An acknowledgment of the fact that you are indeed in possession of such a valid contact lens prescription occurs when you process an order on our website and you hereby accept the terms and conditions



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By only visiting our site, you are not obligated to provide your personal information. You can also refuse to accept cookies. You will not be able to access parts of the site if you refuse to share your personal information. You must provide your personal information, if you wish to make a purchase on our site. To create an account and when communicating with us, you must provide your personal information. The information provided must be accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary.

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